Esa Heiskanen

Chief Executive Officer

“Partisan didn't just pull the training program from the shelf and say this is what we can provide and this is the price – they created a tailor-made training program that met our requirements.”

Eralp Gullep

Vice President – Business Quality

In this situation, the usual consulting services did not fit the clients needs. Partisan considered Glow Group’s requirements and adapted services to meet those requirements. “Having dealt with other providers, we thought that Partisan’s approach was the best fit for what we wanted to do,”

Don Steiner

Former Oracle Program/Global Diamond Partner Director

"There are so many good things about this that take the human error element out of it. The sophistication of the tool is enormously valuable."

Peter Kindzierski

Managing Director

"Someone like myself who is now working everyday with this challenge to business analyze what a company is doing, and to derive some better processes or even digitizing existing processes, … this tool would make life much easier."