Performance benefits of interactive, 3D visualizations

Studies found that the integration of process data in 3D visualizations increased operator performance. Experiments measured improved reaction times and lower error rates associated with problem detection and corrective actions. The mental workload of operators with 3D visualizations also measured lower than those with 2D presentations, and the accuracy of tasks like problem solving were further enhanced if the 3D visualizations were interactive.

The value of digitized process management

Recently, Partisan Consulting was given a forum to help explain the value of process management in an online, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) environment with digitized process models and integrated datasets. Seven distinct advantages were identified over projects implemented on standard process flow or swim lane-based systems.

Reasons why Business Analysts lack the respect they deserve

Business Analysts (BA) are the vital link between the Business Users and solution providers involved in any successful transformation effort. They have to possess the knowledge and experience needed to identify and evaluate the complex integration of processes, personnel, systems, data and programmatic controls. BAs are responsible for accurately; 1) understanding what users need to be able to do, have or achieve, 2) developing


Project award

As a member of a consortium consisting of three private consultancies, Partisan Consulting Ltd. (PCL) won a significant contract at Bangkok Commercial Asset Management PCL (BAM) against three other competing groups that included top-tier, multinational consultancies. BAM manages real estate assets, alongside financial and real estate institutions, on behalf of the Thai government.