Performance benefits of interactive,
3D visualizations

Studies found that the integration of process data in 3D visualizations increased operator performance. Experiments measured improved reaction times and lower error rates associated with problem detection and corrective actions. The mental workload of operators with
3D visualizations also measured lower than those with 2D presentations, and the accuracy of tasks like problem solving were further enhanced if the 3D visualizations were interactive.
Lower mental stress stemmed from the sense of familiarity and simplicity associated projections that integrated all three spatial dimensions into one representation.

Benefits derived from the use of 3D presentations vary with the type of task being performed. They reduce the cognitive demand required for specific tasks related to the integration and understanding of data from different sources. Tools that use 3D representations help operators analyze large datasets by extracting information and identifying relationships and patterns from large amounts of data. However, they have less effect on the identification of precise values.

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