Reasons why Business Analysts lack the respect they deserve

Business Analysts (BA) are the vital link between the Business Users and solution providers involved in any successful transformation effort. They have to possess the knowledge and experience needed to identify and evaluate the complex integration of processes, personnel, systems, data and programmatic controls. BAs are responsible for accurately; 1) understanding what users need to be able to do, have or achieve, 2) developing clear specifications that document detailed user requirements, expectations and priorities, and 3) working with solution providers and testers to ensure that user expectations are met as specified.

Surveys clearly indicate that the inability to perform these functions results in over-budget, over-schedule or outright failure rates that approach 60%! This is core, text book stuff. Everyone apparently recognizes the role and importance of Business Analysts, but few corporations support them effectively. Why is that?

Reasons why fall into four major categories:

1) Informal assignment and use of inexperienced or unsuited personnel: often rooted in management’s general lack of understanding on the skills, functions and responsibilities associated with the role.

2) Excessive time and effort used to create, maintain and present rudimentary flowchart or swim lane process models, due to the use of basic drawing tools such as Visio and PowerPoint.

3) The inability to conduct comprehensive data and statistical analyses that support quantified recommendations and solutions, due to the lack of integrated databases with process-related attributes beyond basic roles and responsibilities.

4) Paper-based process models and project deliverables that lack the accessibility and timeliness needed to support real-time collaboration and accountability.

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