Case Studies

Moving forward as a collective

By focusing inward, Glow Group sought to achieve a shared understanding of business processes to ensure a common standard, so that they could remain leaders in their industry.
Esa explained, “Typically when you send a staff member to training they are shown three or four different ways of documenting processes, then come back and say ‘I went to this training and they have this really great way of doing it’, but we wanted to focus on the way we do it so that we have a standard method and standard language.”

Partisan’s methodology incorporated all aspects of process management, but started from the bottom up.
“We gave them custom two-day training programs on the fundamentals of processing, starting from the vocabulary on up,” said Tantra Tantraporn, Principal Partner at Partisan Consulting.
“Words such as process, task, etc. are understood between process owners when they get together to discuss designing or documenting a process,” said Eralp.
“It’s now smoother because we all speak the same language.”

Glow Group operates with a workforce that is even more in sync. There is clear common ground when it comes to business processes. Not only does this save time when discussing processes, but staff also aspire to maintain the benchmark that has been set, resulting in time being better allocated to other parts of the organization.


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